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[Poland]Dyeing of plastics in recycling

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We offer a vast array of POLMAST ULTRABATCH high concentration monopigmental dye extracts specially developed for manufacturers involved in plastics recycling.

Most of our recommended extracts from the basic palette have the concentration of 40% (for organic pigments) or 60% (for nonorganic pigments).

By standard, the ULTRABATCHs are produced on the basis of a polyethylene carrier (LDPE, LLDPE) and are compatible with high and low density polyethylene and polypropylene (in limited concentrations of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers [TPUs], PA, PC).

We are preparing for making palettes of monoconcentrates for the remaining types of plastics (such as, among others, PA, PC, PBT) and fibers. We will also be offering a palette of dye extracts based on the EVA copolymer.

The essential benefits of application:
* Possible availability of high saturation colors,
* Possible effect of intense dye covering (also on thin walled products and foils),
* The most cost-effective product; the lowest cost of dyeing,
* Technical assistance in selecting the right quantities and qualities of monoconcentrate mixtures for preparing non-base color dyes in consideration of the following factors making up the optimal extract ingredience:
o the best price-to-effect ratio,
o possible application of additive modifiers,
o fulfillment of the requirements concerning thermal and photo resistance, weather endurance, no color metamerism effect, no warping effect in HDPE, concentrate dosing, strength of dye cover, migration, etc.
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