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[Poland]Barwienie detali drewnopodobnych

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In our offer we have an assortment of most popular standard wood-like colours for dyeing of mould injected products colors.

We also develop colors tailored to meet our Customers’ special requirements together with a complete Price-to-Effect Ratio® analysis and full aftersale technical support.

In our base we have more than 15 000 recipes of colors fine developed for our Customers.

The benefits of application:
* Heavy duty dyeing
* High durability of dyeing
* Photo resistance
* Endurance to weather (dampness, temperature, air pollution, salt)
* High compatibility with dyed polymer
* Resistance to migration to media getting into contact
* Control of the phenomena of nucleation and warping of goods
* Easy emptying of injection mould
* Low cost of dyeing.

Dosed feeding:
The dosing of the concentrate depends upon the required degree of dyeing intensity. Typical suggested dosing should be in the range of 1-2% of the concentrate.
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