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[Poland]UV Stabiliser (T-UV-12PP)

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The POLMAST UV PM T-UV-12PP Stabiliser is intended to be used for stabilisation of PP articles manufactured with the use of the mould injection method.

It uses the synergic combination of HALS and anti oxidants.

This combination provides highest long term effectiveness against the harmful effects of light and heat; it can also be used for products made from PP homo-polymer and copolymer in contact with food.

Benefits that may be drawn from using the product:
* Stabilisation to UV light resistance
* Stabilisation of mechanical properties
* Stabilisation of long term climate resistance
* Extraction stability

Recommended dosage: from 1%

The size of dosage depends on the thickness of the product, the type and the number of dying concentrates, the modifiers used in the plastic and climate conditions prevailing in the country, where it is to be exposed to sunlight. The intensity of radiation is different in various parts of the globe.
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Model/Article number:UV PM T-UV-12PP
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